Over recent years is has been becoming more and more frequent to hear people use words like eco-sustainability, zero impact, and biodegradable. Building a home means building a future, but it should not mean destroying the land and environment around it. By now we have reached the saturation point of every free space, having filled them with concrete. Instead, Building Evolution works to guarantee our children and our planet a future that is always more eco, always more "green".

This is why we have shifted our approach towards more sustainable housing, towards designs that reflect an awareness, as people say, of eco-sustainability and energy savings. With sustainable housing we follow the rules of "Healthy Building and Living” for our well-being and to protect the environment. We build homes with a low environmental impact, created by taking into consideration a set of practices during the design phase with the application of Bio-architecture. This means that, during construction, only natural and recyclable materials that are non-toxic for both human health and the environment are used.

The correct combination of materials, systems, and technologies acquired up until today make it possible for us to build ACTIVE HOMES that actually produce energy instead of consuming it.

particolare legno bioedilizia


Eco-sustainable homes represent a valid alternative to traditional construction, both economically and practically, but above all in terms of environmental compatibility.


is zero-energy

When combined with other insulating materials, it makes it possible to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

consumption to a minimum

insulates from both the inside and outside. With a wooden home there is an average energy savings of between 40-50% over concrete or bricks.

is stable

There are cases in which wood structures are safer than traditional ones in case of an earthquake.

brings a sense of harmony to your home

Inside you will perceive the warm colours and sensations of wood.

means safety from fires

Solid wood does not burn, but rather chars slowly and only on the surface.

evokes tradition, prestige, and warmth

Wood is a living product that lends itself to satisfying the creative urges and needs of mankind like few other materials do.