forced ventilation system

Dual flow ventilation unit with heat recovery series RIS 150 P EKO for high-efficiency (>80% according to UNI EN 308) with counterflow heat exchanger with aluminium plates, condensation basin in stainless steel, filters and centrifugal fans equipped with high-efficiency electronic motors with the following characteristics and functions: frameless construction and double-skinned panels powder-coated RAL 9010 with 20 mm internal insulation. Horizontal installation on the ceiling with intake air outlet; inspection from below thanks to removable panels, centrifugal fan with backward curved blade in plastic with EC motor fitted directly onto the rotor axis; statically and dynamically balanced rotor, direct current brushless motor with permanent magnets and yield between 30% and 60%, powered by 230/1/50 alternating current – maximum power consumption 2x0.055 kw (indicative value) – comes with an electronic self-adjusting system that acts on torque and speed of rotation, counterflow heat recovery with aluminium plates in conformity with UNI EN 308 standards, filtering section with flat, pleated filter class G4 on supply with containment mesh in zinc-plated steel wire and F7 filter on the external suction pomp, remote control panel for managing on/off and minimum/maximum speed.

Supply and installation of:

• self-adjusting exhaust filters of the ZEFIRO series, with the following construction characteristics and functions:

• body in white polystyrene with built-in regulator for optimal control of air flow and acoustic performance meeting the strictest needs, standard white removable frontal grid (other colours available upon request), pre-calibrated to operate on a wide range of flow for pressures between 50 and 160 pa (from 15 to 150 m3/h);

• wall/ceiling exhaust outlets, plastic construction in RAL9010 white, with fixed frontal wings – inclination 0° - circular rear connection and installation hose;

• air intake/exhaust terminal BD4 DN.80 mm, with the following construction characteristics and function: structure in white ABS; air flow can be oriented from one to four positions by adjusting the four, separate outer wings; centre of the nucleus can also be adjusted in relation to the main exhaust outlet to vary the air output;

• circular zinc-plated scrolled sheet metal channels, with simple standardized wall thickness depending on the nominal diameter; m/f interlocking joints with external seals in adhesive aluminium tape; tubes in standard 3-metre bars, complete with couplings and special pieces; flexible ducts in reinforced PVC with harmonic scrolls ALU ISO and INSO, complete with one-wire clamps for fixing them onto the couplings and zinc-plated sheet metal ducts; supply in standard 10-metre bars (intake-exhaust terminal connection).