The electrical system will be installed with materials and equipments in conformity with current laws (CEI 64-8) level 2, marked IMQ and in conformity with current building codes. The section of the wiring will be calculated so as to have a voltage dip of less than 3% of the rated operating voltage of 220 volt, or 6.6 volt, from the metre to the user.

The connection with the earth is made with yellow-green wires with a 16 mm2 section, one for each terminal board support, from the earth rod to the last user. All of the junctions will be made exclusively with modular feed-through terminals. The junctions, power or control connections inside the unit will be made exclusively with terminals. Two types of junction boxes will be used: square 100x100 with up to 10 connections; rectangular 100x160 for more than ten connections.

The entire system will be chased in the cavity wall with flexible conduits of a diameter greater or equal to 1.3 times that of the circumference of the wires passed. All the wires passed will be in conformity with UNEL tables, like “1XSUF/3". Hypothesizing a power of 3 kW per living unit, at the entrance there will be a protective cabinet meeting the following specifications: flush-mounted control panel complete with eight modules, a 25 to 30 Ampere circuit breaker, n.3 two-pole 15-Amp magnetic-thermal safety cutout.

The entire system will be divided between two lines deriving from a single circuit breaker and each one will be protected by its own magnetic-thermal safety cutout. Modular components on an insulated frame of the Living or Mivar series with choice of switch covers with commands installed at a height of 1.10 m and outlets installed at a height of 0.30 m. The living unit will be equipped with a doorbell system (with a transformer and bell push with name tag).

The outlets and ceiling fixtures or parts will be distributed, inside of the unit, according to the drawings provided by the designer and approved by the Director of Works, or will be agreed upon with the client at the time of purchase.

Chased materials

The pipes in the floor and walls will be in flexible, heavy-duty PVC with a diameter of 16/20/25/32. The junction boxes and flush-mounted boxes will be in plastic or resin with a screw-on cover of adequate dimensions.


All the cables and wires, with the exception of the TV, entry phone, and telephone cables, will be fireproof NO7V-K, in conformity with STANDARD CEI 20-22 and of a 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10 mm section.

Electrical control devices

Outlets, switches, junctions etc. produced by B.TICINO Living International or Vimar Idea. All the outlets will be 10/16 A with protected socket contacts. Switchplates in technopolymer in basic colours (white, grey, coal, black, blue)

Light fittings

Each light fitting is intended as each ceiling centre, applique, outlet, switch, junction, and button. Each light fitting will include the relays for commands by switches and junction boxes.

The earth system The earth system will be made with crossed rods in zinc-plated steel measuring 1m and bare copper cable with a 35 mm section for reaching an adequate resistance value (in reference to standard CEI 64/8).