With a radiant floor heating system, the surface temperature even during the coldest months remains less than 29°C. This low temperature, combined with a very large heating surface determines the ideally comfortable climate. Radiant floor heating may in turn be combined with the heat pump (not included in the specifications unless specifically requested by the client), which channels the right quantity of heat to the heating system and collaborates with the solar system in the production of hot water. The open-loop and direct exchange solar system panel produces both hot water and integrates the radiant floor heating system.

All the pipes, chased under the floor or in the walls, will be insulated with elastomer sheaths in the thicknesses indicated by current laws. On the higher points, there will be air valves with shut-offs installed.

The heating bodies consist of radiant panels under the floor, with high-quality pipes with a high resistance to both temperature and mechanical stress. Radiant floor heating makes radiators unnecessary, guaranteeing complete freedom in furnishing. Moreover, the energy savings are even higher compared to conventional heating systems and guarantee greater comfort, especially when compared to forced-air heating systems.

The system regulation will be climatic and environmental, so the heater will have a climatic control unit capable of regulating the delivery temperature in function of the external temperature and the Chrono-thermostat, which allows the regulation of the temperature on two levels in a 24-hour period.

While constructing and installing the system, the necessary controls will be made on materials and on the installation in order to guarantee that it is functioning correctly.

radiant floor heating system