For the sleeping area, living area, and bathrooms, we propose using top quality flooring and wall covering in ground enamelled porcelain stoneware. It will be possible to select from among various types of samples that will always be part of the specifications, floors to suit the client's tastes in terms of colours, shapes, and patterns of installation. The client will also have the option of installing wood floors selected from those proposed by the company as part of the specifications.

The price includes installation of the floor and the skirting board to finish the internal flooring in coordination with the chosen tiles. The bathrooms and kitchen will be covered with 20x20x25 cm tiles, installed with adhesive on water-repellent plasterboard panel. The grouting and cleaning upon completion are also included. In the bathrooms, the wall coverings will reach a maximum of 2.20 metres in the shower zone and 1.20 metres on the other walls, while in the kitchen only two walls will be tiled up to a maximum of 0.80 metres. The seller will show the client special samples from where the ceramic tiles for all the coverings included may be selected.

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