For their clientele, Building Evolution propose windows in triple-laminated wood-aluminium with alternating fibres, 82x92 mm frame and 80x86 mm light in spruce painted with water-based Sayerlack (Wood Color Plus), for a wood-effect. Choice of colours from the samples available or from standard RAL colours for the interior or Aluminium RAL colours for the exterior parts. The windows have 4 seals in EPDM, with 38-mm triple glazing for high thermal insulation and passive security. All the windows have burglar-resistant anti-lift devices, axis 13 area 12, with tilt mechanisms, micro-ventilation, and standard rod lever. Handles and hinge covers available in your choice of bronze, gold, or chrome The exterior of the windows and French doors will have thresholds and sills in a type of granite with raindrips. Inside, the sills will be in wood of the same essence and colour as the window itself, or in marble, as the client prefers.

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Interior doors have a plywood structure, veneered in various woods essences, like oak, ash, or Italian walnut. Handles and keys are brass and/or glossy finish. Hinges can be regulated with magnetic spring locks. There are no limits in height or width, provided the doors are single. The client may select the model of the interior doors: either with lites or not, in a variety of colours and finishes.

If interested, the client can also have aluminium shutters or blinds and screens included in the specifications.

The security entry door was designed with 13 points of closure, certified Class 3 anti-intrusion and consists of: 20/10 steel sheet metal external; n. 2 Omega in 10/10 mm steel internal; n. 4 internal steel reinforcement bands 10/10 mm; 20/10 mm steel frame painted in Grané Ral 8017; casing in 20/10 zinc-plated steel; n. 4 fixed overriders on the hinge side; n. 2 deviators with 2 pins; European cylinder locks with 5 keys included (with construction site keys). The internal panel of the security door will be of the same colour as the interior doors selected. The external panel will be selected by the client and will match the type of colour chosen for the exterior colours.