Together with our collaborators and architecture studios, we listen to you, our clients, and then design any type of house that will meet all your needs and desires. Because deep down, our home is a place of love, shelter, and stability. This is why we choose to dedicate ourselves to building homes from the foundation up. We unleash our creativity when designing homes from scratch, giving free rein to our fantasy, but we can also raise and enlarge existing structures for a roomier home that you and your family can enjoy to the fullest.

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    Designed by architects Federica Cortina and Riccardo Cottino.
progettazione casa prefabbricata in legno
  • camion building evolution
  • costruzione case legno torino
  • tetto case bioedilizia
  • struttura case legno bioedilizia
  • struttura legno casa bioedilizia
  • cantiere casa bioedilizia torino
  • casa legno bioedilizia torino

Our construction systems are based on wood as a natural material that is both resistant and ductile. Indeed wood is the material that offers construction material that offers the best insulation capacity from both heat and cold, thereby contributing to a healthy home environment. Thanks to the light weight and elasticity of wood, our homes are even safe for seismic zones.

We propose various types of construction, from semi-finished structures to turnkey solutions, making it possible to satisfy every price range and even the most demanding clients. Once the architectural project is approved by the client, we then move on to the static and structural calculations and supplies list, preparing all the materials we need to construct the home. Our wooden homes can be built quickly and, barring unforeseen circumstances, we can plan to be on site with the structure just two months after the town or city grants the necessary building permits. Over the next 3 months, we assemble all the material that has arrived on the construction site, concluding the utilities systems and finishes in fulfilment of the contract stipulated with the client.

struttura tetto casa legno torino