Design » SLAB

Conduits, ducts, and pipes for the plumbing system and the electrical system will be installed on the foundation slab. Next we move on to the pouring of the first screed, self-levelling in cellular, fibre-reinforced concrete, to cover the hydraulic and electrical systems; on the structural slab, a perimeter strip of a minimum of 1 cm of polyester 10 centimetres tall, a sheet of polyethylene to prevent condensation, and expansion joints in function of the dimensions will be installed. Then it is time for the FONDOMIX NANOTHERM, a new and innovative pre-mixed dry slab, sand and cement, with a very high level of thermal conductivity, for the preparation and instalment of the coverings. This product guarantees the utmost thermal performance in the heating cooling systems in the floor.

The slab between floors is always constructed in spruce beams measuring 220x60 mm. The internal parts will be thermo-acoustically insulated in Isover (Saint Gobain) sheetrock that, thanks to its low heat conductivity and high thermal resistance, protects interiors from summer heat; then the walls are clad with 15 mm OSB3 panels on both sides and fixed to the struts in 20 mm spruce for the passage of the electrical system; plasterboard encloses the slab between the floors, and is finished with mesh and stucco.