The solid spruce frame of our walls is 34 cm thick, both vertically and horizontally, and is completed with thermal-acoustic insulation, from the outside inward, as follows: 60 mm of highly durable STEICO Protect wood fibre insulation, finished with special mesh and materials to be applied to the outer coating, two applications of an adhesive/smoothing for the coating insulation system, grey cement-based with coarse grained water-repellent fibres, a highly breathable and consolidating siloxane-based fixative, and finishing with paste colouring; 15 mm of wind-bracing panel in OSB3 with joints sealed with airtight tape; wooden frame in spruce with vertical and horizontal pieces measuring 150x60 mm, positioned according to wood structure building codes.

The internal part of the perimeter wall will be insulated thermo-acoustically sheetrock that, thanks to its low heat conductivity and high thermal resistance, protects the interior from summer heat. A sheath will be installed to inhibit vapour from passing from inside the house to the outside, thereby preventing potential damage due to the formation of condensation. Then a wind-bracing panel in 12 mm OSB3 will be installed with joints sealed with airtight tape.

Spruce struts measuring 45x45 are used to form channels for electric and heating systems.

The wall is then completed with sheet of 12.5 mm non-toxic plasterboard (Knauf), completely finished with mesh and stuccoes on all jointed surfaces with natural gypsum.

The interior walls are 14 cm thick, framed with spruce columns and horizontal supports that measure 100x60mm, in compliance with wood structure building codes, complete with thermo-acoustic insulation as follows: cladding with a panel in 12 mm OSB3 on both sides; wall structure in 100x60 mm spruce framework; 100 mm sheetrock insulation in all the interior walls; non-toxic 12.5 mm plasterboard (Knauf), completely finished with mesh and stucco.