The roof structure consists of top quality spruce glulam beams positioned and sized according to the static structural calculations we provide.

Construction then continues as follows: spruce matchboarding under the pitch, treated with Sayerlack (Wood Color Plus); installation of USB MICRO three-layer vapour barrier, impermeable to both water and air; modelled capitals and cornices under the eaves; secondary framework consisting of solid wood spruce beams measuring 60x220 mm for the installation of thermo-acoustic sheetrock insulation; installation of wind-bracing panels in 15mm OSB3 taped airtight at the joints with brads; 0.2 water-proof sheath and wind barriers; 25 mm horizontal struts for the passage of air; choice of red Portuguese or plain roofing tiles, installed over 25 mm vertical struts; eaves and downspouts in pre-painted copper-colour aluminium of adequate dimensions.

insulated roof